About H3 Tec   

Symbol Technologies, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the U.S. military, and many other organizations and individuals have recognized the benefits of technology produced by H3 Tec, LLC. Founded in the late 1990s, H3 Tec, LLC performs as a leader in underwater and subsurface mapping. Based out of Utah, H3 Tec, LLC has received a number of awards for its development and innovative use of Nano-Ionic Resonance, which enables users to accurately find objects up to 2 miles away. Over the past five years, H3 Tec, LLC received a Best of State (Utah) Award, an IQ Award, an Invented in Utah Award, and a Utah Innovation Award. The National Geographic Channel discussed the achievements of H3 Tec, LLC during a documentary about gold, and the Utah governor’s Office of Economic Development wrote about H3 Tec, LLC and its positive impact on the state’s economy. In addition to helping Native American tribes discover oil and minerals on their land, H3 Tec, LLC also aids local and national entities in their quests for hydrocarbons, natural resources, chemicals, elements, and shipwrecks. Contracts between H3 Tec, LLC and these organizations have brought millions of dollars into the state.